Athana – Beats & Pieces

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This is the sixth release from Athana, and this album is a new take on the acoustic/electronic experimental way of treating Alf Terje Hana´s guitar compositions.

13:13 Vinyl Revisited

Beats & Pieces have another story and idea, compared to the other releases. With amongst others, colabrations

with electronic artists like Nes and KAOSS 99, and remixes by Sternklang and Lingouf.

13 years ago Alf Terje watched a tv-program on BBC called ”Jools Holland”, featuring the artist Roni Size. The impact of this was so massive, that it can be described as a musically crossroad, that set a new coarse. That pointed out a new way of aproaching the guitar in a new and contemporary manner. This resulted in the opening track, ”I. O. Roni”.


13 years before that, was the last time Alf Terje´s compositions were released on a vinyl album called ”Sightseeing”, by the band, at that time, Wasaband. There is a few samples used from that record, on the opening track, just to make a cosmic balance in the experimental madness backyard.


Vinyl is the the format of this album, 180g virgin vinyl, from the 24bits master. This should give the listener the close to audio nirvana experience.

And off course also available in all the digital medias as, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Sounds like, as some listeners/journalists says: Amon Tobin, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind,

Tangerine Dream, Robert Fripp, Jeff Beck, Fred Frith..

The actual inspiration is: sounds unheard of, art, the universe.

The guitar is Alf Terje Hana´s  main instrument, and is in a way the composer tool, to be used as first idea constructor, before the vast amounts of fragments are put in the mix..and all other instrumentation are falling into place. There is only one limitation, that´s there no limitations.

Musicians playing on the album:

The Band:

Alf Terje Hana –  guitars/electronics/loads of other instruments/programming/editing/composing/producing

Helge Olav Øksendal – drum samples

Torgeir Nes – electronics/programming

Øyvind Grong – double bass

Guest musicians:

KAOSS 99 – elektronikk/programmering

Astrid Kloster – vocal

Gretelill Tangen – vocal

Christian Hovda – vocal

Lingouf – remix (electronika artist, France/Paris)

Sternklang – remix ( one of Norways top electronika artists)

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