Athana/Schanche – In:Pulse

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The two guitarist Alf Terje Hana also known as Athana, and Vidar K. Schanche have been working together over a period of four years. They are both active musicians on the Norwegian scene and after having attended each other’s concert over a period of time, they decided to work together.

The duo has done a handful of concerts over the last years, during which they have established a unique sound and developed a very strong musical communication.

The album is recorded at different locations with an idea of capturing everything that happens during the performance, not just what comes out the amplifiers. This means that you can hear clicking of pedals being switched on and off as well as the acoustic sound of strings on an electric guitar.  This idea came after listening back to live recordings where these details made the sonic experience more organic. There are also parts of live recordings on this album, however placed in a different setting that originally intended.

As already mentioned, the two guitarists are using quite a few guitar effects in this project. They are both known for having an extended sound scape as part of their sound and in this duo they can explore this to the fullest. In addition to this they also use acoustic guitars to build a contrast to the electro acoustic sound scape.

This album is printed on vinyl. The idea is that one should listen to the whole album at full as the two guitarists feel the album is exactly that: ”an album” and not just a set of single songs/compositions.

The album is mixed and mastered in Duper Studio Bergen (Norway) by Jørgen Træen.

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