Athana – L.E.D. Light Galaxies

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This is the fifth album from Athana, and a follow up to the ”Ambient Exhibitions vol.1”  from 2006,  which contained music specially written for an art exhibition/installation, on the west coast of Norway.  Later on also used in a dance performance in year of Capitol of Culture in Stavanger 2008.

After last year´s release of a remix album, presented at the Maijazz festival 2008, this one here is more of a free 3D/abstract way of presenting music for the listeners.

The L.E.D. Light Galaxies album, have another additude, and a different room of ideas, compared to previous releases. It is more like spectating our planet, from the outside, in an electronic/futuristic way. Several issues like, the global catastrophy that´s closing in, surrealism, abstractions, adventure, and strong contrasts in the use of instruments like viola and noise, and strange guitarsounds, are displayed. At the same time inspiration from painters like James Gleeson/John Ridgewell/Dali/Picasso/Terry Nilsen Love, is clearly seen in same loop as astronomy and music.

The guitar is Alf Terje Hana´s  main instrument, and is in a way the composer tool, to be used as first idea constructor, before the vast amounts of fragments are put in the mix..and all other instrumentation are falling into place. There is only one limitation, that´s there no limitations.

Some of the recording sessions are done in a large and empty warehouse in Stavanger called the Scanem Hall. Where guitar/electronics and several percussion instruments were captured with that natural and overwhelming reverb. Addition to this, field recordings from Saigon/Liverpool and New York are also in the mix, to give color and atmos to the sound.

The rest, and the major work is done at Dogbay Studios, Stavanger Consert House, and some drum overdubs at Arne Hovda´s SOS studios.

   Musicians playing on the album:

The Band:

Alf Terje Hana –  guitars/electronics/loads of other instruments/programming/editing/composing/producing

Helge Olav Øksendal – electronics/programming

Torgeir Nes – electronics/programming

Øyvind Grong – el.double bass/tuba/perc./voice

Guest musicians:

Anders Hana – programming

Eivind One Pedersen – accordion

Christian Hovda – voice

Line Horneland – voice

Bendik Andersson – drums

Arne Hovda – keyboard/technician SOS

Per Olav Skjervold – harp/voice

Andrew D’Angelo – saxsophones/bass clarinett ( freelance jazz musician, New York)

Bergmund Waal Skaslien – viola ( freelance musician with loads of sessions and live gigs)

Ivar Atle Fjorheim – percussion (Stavanger Symphony Orchestra)

Espen Ålberg – china cymbales (Stavanger Symphony Orchestra)

Dennis DeSantis – remix (elektronika artist, New York, / Alarm Will Sound/Aphex Twin)

Sternklang – remix ( one of Norways´s important elektronika artists)

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