Athana – Paviljon

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As the ninth release , this new album is an ongoing experiment of the acoustic/electronic sound of

 Alf Terje Hana´s guitar compositions. In addition to some very strickt rules. Like every track is precisely 5:00 minutes, and one track is rythmic, and the next ambient/abstract, through out the album. 

8 facets

The Paviljon album has a different story, to the earlier releases. Including among others, duo projects  with Werner Cee from Frankfürt, also featuring Stewart Copeland (ex.Police) on one of the tracks, as a part of the collabratiion towards the concert with Stavanger Symfoniorkester 8th. Of March 2013:

                                                Athana Symphonic Experience.

Every facet/track is totally unique in it´s own frame. It projects everything from backwards hippie guitar from the sixties, to an ugly feedback noise from hell. Inspiration clearly mirrors Beatles, Gentle Giant,

Jimi Hendrix, and contemporary industrial noises. Which is practically the essence of Athana.

Solid rooted in the early seventies, with branches far into the future…


The Album is recorded in Alstone Studio/Stavanger, Prophet´s Mill  Studio/Frankfürt, St.Johannes church/Stavanger, Stavanger Concerthouse(site under construction), Drumland Studio/Los Angeles.

Vinyl is the format of this release..180g vinyl from 24bits/96khz digital master, which is the closest you get to audio nirvana. (There is also a free CD addon.)

And off course in all digital mediaes like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, aso.

The Guitar is Alf Terje Hana´s main instrument, and the tool where it all starts, when it comes to composing. And after that, the numerous fragments of other instruments, and musicians appear, as the process goes along. Where the only limit is, that there is no limit.


  Musicians on this album:

The Band
Alf Terje Hana – guitars, electronics, synth, berimbau, kalimba, programming/editing/composing/producing
Torgeir Nes – electronics, programming
Øyvind Grong – bass, double bass, tuba, voice

Guest musicians
Stewart Copeland – drums/percussion
Astrid Kloster – vocal
Christian Hovda – vocal
Tor Yttredal – sax
Simen Kiil Halvorsen – trumpet
Edgar Hansen – church organ
Werner Cee – e-chí´n
Bergmund Waal Skaslien viola
Ove Hæhre voice

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