Athana – Remixed 05:08

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Idea: On the way back from Bergen after a gig, atumn 2007, Helge Olav Øksendal (HOH) says suddenly to Alf Terje Hana (Athana), ”why don´t you do a remix album?”. Six months later, it´s a reality.

We have managed to gather a list of top artists in their field, in other words we chose the right guy for the right song.

It was time to set things straight, by throwing the music into the capable hands af these artists, helping find the centerpoint between my guitar and electronics.

About: Athana is Alf Terje Hana´s project, based in Stavanger/Norway. In close relation with producer Arne Hovda, Athana have released three criticly aclaimed albums. (Dandy Lines & Nevergreens, Ambient Exhibitions vol.1, Corridor). With his competence and experience, Athana explores, with great curiousity, the new ways of expressing music, and streching the guitar in a unorthodox style. This leads to an experimental  and unique sound, both when playing live with the sixtet, and on record,

Remix: With initiative from Helge Olav Øksendal (HOH), we got the fire to get this working . As he, with his great knowlegde about the DJ/Elektronika world, he was definitely the right man for the job. What also led to this album,is him sitting in as a musician, on several gigs with Athana.

The Artists remixing are:

Sternklang (NO)

Ost&Kjex (NO)

Mungolian Jet Set (NO)

UKO/Jürgen Nußbaum (AUS)


Nes (NO)

Cüret (FR)

Vasøk (NO/USSR)

Qrt (NO)


Lingouf (FR)

Ars Dada (NO)

Pål Asle Pettersen (NO)

The Album: Remixed 0508 offers a lot of different flavors. Every artist was given complete freedom, no restrictions or guidelines where drawn. It was a very incredible process , that turned out to be both rewarding and artisticly cohesive.

The mixes strech from Sternklang´s dancefloor beats, Ost&Kjex´ acid house mix, via Mungolian Jet Set´s sunny and hypnotizing universe. Downtempo hipster from UKO, through HOH with his strange funky elektronika, then challenging soundscapes from Nes and an  abstract Cüret. Qrt doing a raw and no thrill mix, as Vasøk  delivers a crystal clear minimalistic techno. The Breakcore artists DJ.WOO, Lingouf og Ars Dada, goes through the roof, and takes down the house, before it all rounds up with

Pål Asle Pettersen´s electro-acoustic version.

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