Athana – Remixed 2012

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Ost & Kjex   Mungolian Jetset  :  Überzone   Dennis DeSantis

It´s now four years since the last Athana remix release. (Athana Remixed 05 -08).

New this time is a set of rules. Alf Terje Hana aka Athana, picks out two of his favorite remix artists from Norway, and two from USA. The all remix the two same songs, and that means we will have a norwegian side, and a US side of the vinyl.

The result is a geographic/musical contrast, which makes this album an exciting travel between the two continents. None of them knew about each others versions, so it comes out straight from the creative well, without any distractions.

The songs are picked out from the Athana albums ”Corridor” 2007,

and ”Beats & Pieces” 2010.

Ost & Kjex was nominated in the norwegian Grammy 2010, and have an important position in the electronica/house genre. They have also remixed another Athana song in 2008, which is the most listened to in the Athana catalog on Soundcloud.

Mungolian Jetset was nominated in the norwegian Grammy 2009, with among others, a song from Athana (Ocean 0306). They have a very unique sound which takes you on a dreamy travel. On additional guitar is featured Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh), who adds some really nice color to the track.

Überzone or Timothy Wiles, is based in California USA, and calls his music:

”house music with techno and broken beats and electro”, which comes out really special, and unique. Discovered his music on a recordshop in Heathrow a few years ago. Was blown away.. He has realeased several solo albums, and worked with loads of high profile artists over the world.

Dennis DeSantis from New York USA, calls himself ”composer/sound designer and percussionist”. Has been involved with the Aphex Twin Acoustic project ”Alarm Will Sound”. Have a special way of treating Athana´s music, in a very cool way. This is the second remix he does. Has a doctor degree in music, and have worked with lots of other artists worldwide. A very intriguing track.

Guest artists contributing:

Andrew D´Angelo, Christian Hovda, Astrid Kloster, Emil Nikolaisen, Charlie Chandler.

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