Athana – Symphonic Experience

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8th. of March 2013 at 20:00, Athana/Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Stewart Copeland went on stage at the new Stavanger Concert Hall.
This groundbreaking event is now being documented as one of the most breathtaking concerts in Stavanger during the spring of 2013.
It´s very rare to experience more than ten minutes of standing ovations.
Check out why this happened that special Friday night…

The Story
The year of 2008, Stavanger was together with Liverpool, the Cultural Cities of Europe. As a result of that undertaking, there was a funding established, to prolong the effect of that major cultural year. At that point, Athana had been playing with the thought of doing a large scale concert with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, where the bass player Øyvind Grong is also a tubaist. An application for grants were sent, and as the project expanded, we were funded in two rounds by the Stavanger Community. A collaboration with the hifi supreme Electrocompaniet, even brought more means the budget, which lead to even greater possibilities. The idea of having another artist participating, came along, and after searching high and low, we finally got hold of Stewart Copeland´s email address. The next step was to get him onboard, and with great help from SSO and our sponsors, and off course that the man himself did like the project, and said yes. So it all became real and staged bigtime.

A different musical experience for the packed concert hall, with a thrilling response.

The trio is based in Stavanger, and has been going since 1999. Lead by the guitarist/composer Alf Terje Hana, with Torgeir Nes and Øyvind Grong. This is the tenth release so far, since 2005.
Keywords like electroacoustic/contemporary/industrial/noice and nice, is all part of the musical expression.
The plans for 2014/15 is to gig with both the symphonic large scale, and as a quartet.

The Band:
Alf Terje Hana – guitars, electronics, synth, composer
Torgeir Nes – electronics, live sampling
Øyvind Grong – bass, voice
Stewart Copeland – drums/percussion

Helge Sunde/Reid Gilje – orchestral arrangements
Nick Davies – conductor

Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Fredrik S. Hana – visuals

Dancers from Molitrix:
Marie Ronold Mathisen
Lene Puntervold
Linda Birkedal – choreograf

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