Athana / Werner Cee – Toxic Skies Orchestra NO:DE

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CD1 Athana NO / CD2 Werner Cee DE

This German-Norwegian cooperation project features Alf Terje Hana직⃝ 1000 guitar sound, the very unique sound world of Werner Cee’s electronic ch’in – and, above all, the chemical reaction provoked by the musical encounter of these two personalities.

In the course of the past few decades, weather has gradually been losing part of its “wildlife” character. Scientists are experimenting with interventions in the climatic system, and massive manipulations have become regular practise. The shamanistic rain doctor of yore has evolved into an inventor of latest high-tech weaponry.

The Toxic Skies Orchestra provides the soundtrack for this scenario: acoustic ambient manipulations, drones, iridescent atmospheres, sounding chemtrails, bizarre soundscapes and roaring sound cascades. The Toxic Sky Orchestra creates phantasmagoric visions of sunsets and apocalyptic thunderstorms, it creates nightmares . sound pictures / psychedelic drones – with lots of mood from the Sixties. Meet you on the dark side of psychedelic ambient.

All music was recorded during live studio sessions in Stavanger, later edited and mixed independently by Athana (No) and Werner Cee (DE), resulting in two different views of the same input.

CD1 NO focusses on the psychedelic and noise aspects, features 1000 guitar sounds and full band, harsh and beautiful.

CD2 DE is a pure guitar/chin duo, shows the ambient and drone world of the TSO, and features the ch’in’s capacities of “landscape painting”, with field recordings and spoken word by Freddie Wadling added.

Alf Terje Hana aka Athana, from Stavanger, Norway, guitarist, composer, soundscaper, noisemaker, always in experimental mode.

Combining guitar sounds from the inspirering early seventies, with contemporary electronics.

Worked with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Stewart Copeland(ex.Police), as the latest project, among other norwegian and international musicians. This is the eleventh Athana release. The other Additional musicians: Christian Hovda/voice, Astrid Kloster/vocals.

Werner Cee, from Germany. Sound-artist and musician, author and director of many international radio-drama projects, composer of electroacoustic music. His main instrument is the electroacoustic ch’in, a pentatonically tuned seven-stringed solid body zither, adapted from the chinese qchin. Sounds are picked up and radically processed by a sophisticated setting of live electronics. The e-ch’in displays an extraordinarily wide range of sounds which are constantly oscillating, changing in timbre, structure, atmosphere, emotion. In this sound world, distinction between tonality, noise, orchestral drone sounds, musique concrete, pop or avantgarde, din or trash is no longer relevant.

All music and production on this album, by Alf Terje Hana and Werner Cee

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Supported by:
Stavanger Kommune, Rogaland Fylkeskommune, FFUK, Goethe Institut, Rogaland Kunstsenter.

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