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• New album out from the artist athana, in a virtual, surreal world of music, where groove, color, surprise and dynamics, is important elements. This is the follow-up cd, to the criticly aclaimed album ”Dandy Lines and Nevergreens” from 2005, which received raving reviews, both in Norway, and abroad. (Not to mention heavy magazines like: Guitar Player/Future Music/Vintage Guitar Mag/MM,….and so on).

• The guitar is more or less used as a paintbrush. The listener will join some unexpected, uncompromised turns, and sounds, through the seven tracks. A great deal of the music is inspirered by painters(Dali/Picasso/Ridgewell/Gleeson),

and artists like Gentle Giant, Weather Report, Aphex Twin…just to mention a few….

This indicates a totally unlimited, and free way of composing, as every sudden, and weired idea is beeing checked out.

• The source of the title,  came about, when I was walking around in the corridors in an old jewish girlschool, in Berlin. Now being just for art exhibitions. Every class room had it´s own dedicated display.

• All music is composed by guitarist Alf Terje Hana, and the album is produced by Arne Hovda.

• Besides the regular band, which is:

Alf Terje Hana – guitar, samples

Arne Hovda – keyboards, laptop, vocal

Christian Hovda – lead vocal, perc., laptop

Nils Christian Fossdal – laptop, vocal

Øyvind Grong – bass, vocal

Bendik Andersson – drums, loops.

there´s also musicians from US/UK/S plus several from Stavanger, which contributes with their specialities. (Anders Hana/Moha/Noxagt/Ultralyd, Andrew D’Angelo/Tyft/Human Feel, Arturo Baguer/freelance NYC, Charlie Chandler, Christian Svennson/Hedningarna, Eivind Aarset/Electronique Noir/Nils Petter Molvær).

• All other information press/photos/gigs is listed on the website.


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