Athana – Ambient Exhibitions Vol.1

kr 90 Ink. mva

This piece of music, was composed especially for Helgåleiren Art Festival at the west coast of Norway, August 2006. It was an outdoor display in a fairytale-like, forest, with elements such as night/trees/paintings/music/lights/smoke. A powerful and great impact.

The cd is now beeing released because of great response, and the opportunity for others to enjoy the music, who wasn´t there.

• The production contains among others, four acoustic duets with father&son Anders, which are ”first take improes”. (4/7/9/13).

Andrew D’Angelo from NYC, is also in on this, with his colourful bass clarinet and voice.

• The musical contents are small compositions, sound sculptures, which are by title, indicated, and pointed in a direction, to give an idea about what the core is. I´m trying to get the listener to join me in a travel within, and at the same time, connect with the environment your´re in at the specific time. Almost like a soundtrack in real time.

• Hoping this also can be to some inspiration, for open and hungry artists, as a kind of music for your working day, and for galleries who might use this to create some atmospheric modes.

It´s all about taking a little time….and let it work……….

Alf Terje Hana – electric/acoustic/slide guitars, thumb piano, chinese/malaysian gongs, bicycle bell, bass harmonica, ring modulator, jellifish, water,

composer, producer

Anders Hana – acoustic/electric bow guitar, co-composer (4/7/9/13)

(Noxagt/Moha/Ultralyd/Ingebrigt Flaten/Jaga Jazzist…)

Andrew D’Angelo – bass clarinet, voice

(Tyft/Human Feel/Kurt Rosenwinkel/Matt Wilson/Freelance NYC…)